Art Song Discovery Series Auditions

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Through this series the Society presents classical voice recitals in various venues in the greater Washington area to broaden public appreciation of this art form and to provide professional opportunities for local singers.


o Singers must be residents of the greater Washington, DC area, including Baltimore and Annapolis.

o Submit a CD containing a total of 8 songs in 4 different languages, 2 in each language. One pair must be in English, the other pairs in three other languages of the singer's choice.

o CD must be playable on ordinary portable equipment. (Testing is recommended.)

o Label the CD and its jacket with the auditioner's name.

o List the recorded musical selections, with the composers' names, in order of performance.

o Submit a sample recital program of 45 to 60 minutes in length, about half of which is in English. Maintaining artistic quality, the program should allow the singer a wide range of creative expression. Our aim is to entertain, broaden and elevate the listener's experience.

o Songs from the submitted CD may be included in the sample program.

o The program must be composed of music the auditioning artist would be prepared to sing in Discovery Series Recitals in 2006.

o The singer's contact information must be noted on the sample program (name, address, phone numbers, email).

o CD and program must be postmarked by

March 31, 2005. Send them to:

William Wears
Executive Director VAS
2710 Poplar Street NW
Washington DC 20007-3149

• Do not send resumés, photos or other materials.






Copy of the audition flyer (PDF)


• CDs will be heard in blind audition (singers unidentified)

• Selection of artists for final live auditions will be based solely on the performance heard on the CD.

• Finalists will be notified in mid-April, 2005

• Final live auditions will be held on Saturday May 7, 2005.

• Finalists will be asked to perform selections from the CD, not from the sample program.


If questions arise,
do not hesitate to contactl:

Martha Ellison, VAS Chair (

or William Wears (




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