Shtoda's Grand Tour Of Russian Art Song

By Joseph McLellan
Special to The Washington Post
Friday, March 5, 2004; Page C04

Russian tenor Daniil Shtoda gave a brilliant and eye-opening recital Wednesday night at the Kennedy Center Terrace Theater. He was impeccably and unobtrusively accompanied by pianist Larissa Gergieva…

Of the composers represented, Tchaikovsky emerged as by far the greatest, and Lensky's aria from his "Eugene Onegin," sung with heartbreaking intensity and an acute sense of the aria's dramatic context, was the climax of the evening.

Rachmaninoff was second only to Tchaikovsky in the quality of his songs and the level of communication with the audience. His familiar "Ne poy krasavitsa" ("Sing not to me, o maiden") was nearly equal to Lensky's aria in impact.

Shtoda has an excellent tenor voice, expressive, flexible and subtle at its best. It has a little more vibrato than most Western singers generate -- a sound favored in Russia more than here. But when he switched to Italian for his first encore (Federico's Lament from Cilea's "L'Arlesiana") the vibrato faded away and an excellent Italian tenor sound filled the Terrace Theater.

Nikolay Andreyevich Rimsky-Korsakov 

The Berendei Aria (from "Snowmaiden")
Нимфа (The Nymph)

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky 

На сон грядущий (At bedtime)
Средь шумного бала (In the din of the ball)
Страшная минута (The fearful moment)
Снова, как прежде (Again, as before alone)
То было раннею весной (It was in early spring)
Зачем?  (Why?)
Куда, куда... (Lensky`s Aria, Eugene Onegin)
Отчего? (Why?)

Mily Balakirev                                               
Обними, поцелуй (Embrace me and kiss me)
Испанская песня (Spanish song)

Sergei Vasil'yevich Rachmaninov

Островок (The little Island)
Здесь хорошо (How fair this spot)
Тебя так любят все (The world would see thee smile)
Не пой, красавица, при мне! (Sing not to me, o maiden)
Покинем, милая (Beloved, let us fly)
Давно-ль, мой друг (So many hours, so many fancies)
Не верь мне, друг! (Believe it not!)

Alexi Machavariani
Tы полнa чарующей красы (You are full of charming beauty)

Aleksandr Yegorovich Varlamov
О, не целуй меня! (Oh, do not kiss me)

Vladimir Evgenievich Moskvin 
Я Вас любил (I loved you)

Pyotr Petrovich Bulakhov
Тройка (Troika)